The Bay Area Rapid Transit District opened the Warm Springs / South Fremont Station on March 25, 2017. BART is a progressive regional transportation agency. BART allows for NO FEE motorcycle parking in an effort to promote environmentally efficient commuter access. Motorcycles are efficient in fuel consumption and in the spatial requirements for traffic flow and for parking.

As part of the Warm Springs / South Fremont parking lot design, BART included an area of 17 parking stalls dedicated for motorcycles. These motorcycle parking stalls are 37" wide. A national study of motorcycle parking by Cal-Poly recommended spacing width at 56". The City of Fremont has published standards for motorcycle designated parking in commercial facilities at 48" width. BART is an independent governmental organization and is not technically bound by these other standards. Still, the standards highlight that the Warm Springs / South Fremont parking lot design is inadequate for its intended purpose of promoting motorcycle commuter access.

The Cal-Poly study is located at: centralt/Dokument/rapporter/US Study MC parkering.pdf

Further, the Cal-Poly study and the City of Fremont standards would require approximately 40 spaces reserved for motorcycles rather than the 17 implemented.

BART planning staff will be revisiting the Warm Springs / South Fremont parking lot design to investigate possible improvements to augment the existing spaces and to designate additional motorcycle designated areas to improve access and parking.

In the interim, BART has agreed to the following:

When the designated motorcycle parking area is at capacity, additional motorcycle commuters may park in any Daily Fee designated parking space without the requirement to pay the posted parking fee. This privilege does not apply to parking spaces designated for other uses such as Police, Maintenance, Staff, or Assigned Permits.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Please share this information with any other motorcycle commuters that you meet at the Warm Springs / South Fremont station.

Patrick Hayes

Fremont CA