The original clutch throwout system bearing used 8 loose balls contained in an overlapping cup and support. The system requires frequent lubrication and risks the loss of balls when disassembled. Aftermarket copy parts have proven to be inadequately durable for any reliable, long-term usage.

I have fabricated a replacement bearing which uses a set of captive balls which run within matching arced grooves in hardened race washers. The bearing balls and matching race washers are commercially produced. I fabricated the central support and pressure cap. This bearing runs very smoothly. Mine has been in service for more than 3,000 miles without any detectable wear. Frequent lubrication is quite simple without the risk of lost balls.

Should you break a clutch cable, it is possible that the clutch actuating arm will drop outwards and the button bearing parts may be lost. It is wise to carry your old original as a spare.

Pictures of the exploded components and the assembled bearing.

I provide this service to the Guzzi community without any profit. I would like to have $25 to cover my materials and tooling costs plus $10 to cover packaging and postage.

PS: I am NOT a professional machinist. I have never had any formal machining or metallurgy training. I do not own the most accurate or sophisticated machine tools. I make no warranties about the quality of workmanship, tooling, or materials. I might even damage your rare parts. If you want 'professional' quality and assurance then go pay a professional fee for one-off machine work. I'm a hobby machinist willing to provide some unique services to the Guzzi community. I make no profit from these services. I only charge simple fees to help amortize the necessary material, tooling, and machinery costs.

Patrick Hayes

Fremont CA